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Carat Apartment
location:Kharkiv, Ukraine
area:306 м²
status:built (2019)
photo:Andrey Avdeenko
team:Oleg Drozdov, Oleksandra Kryvtsova, Yevgen Nevmyvaka, Kateryna Yolkina
partners:SV Group, Locus Design Group, Ryntovt Design, Project 900, Yevgen Potapov

It was an incredible feeling to come back to our own design from seventeen years ago, but playing a different part. We also saw it as an opportunity to once again test the viability of layout design solutions that we originally envisaged for Carat apartment house. The building is located in Potebni street, on the slope of Kharkiv central historic hill. Being placed on top of the hill, the building enjoys a fantastic panoramic view of the southeastern part of the city.




The project pursued several ambitions. On the one hand, we wanted to create private rooms for family members, and on the other hand – our goal was to invite maximum daylight into shared spaces. So, we proposed a simple layout, exposure to north and south, as well as simple natural materials.



On the first floor, all utility spaces and bathrooms are grouped in one volume. The utility equipment is installed here and the ceiling is bit lower, which helps to reclaim as much living space as possible. In order to unite all private rooms and provide them with natural light, a row of wooden planks embrace the whole area without disrupting visual connections. A simple-looking wall with planks comprises doors, glazing, wardrobes, as well as various pipes and cables.





Each apartment has its own large south-facing loggia. It is a nice place to have breakfast, sunbathe, and enjoy a splendid panoramic view that reaches 15 km. In hot weather, spacious loggias are extensions of indoor areas and serve as terraces that protect the apartment from excessive heat.




The layout design of the first level envisages a single unobstructed space without unnecessary passages. The second level is a place for private rooms: bedrooms, walk-in wardrobes, bathrooms, and home office. The master bathroom overlooks the southern loggia, so you can enjoy the view of the cityscape while taking a shower.











first level plan
second level plan