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location:Kharkiv, Ukraine
function:apartment house
area:6 000 m2
status:built (2003-2010)
photo:Andrey Avdeenko
team:Oleg Drozdov, Vyacheslav Zhemir, Iryna Goydenko

A multi-family house is located on the slope of the central historical hill of the city. One of the assignments for the project was to integrate the building into the existing scale and parceling of the surrounding development making maximum use of the challenging terrain. The terraced building gradually follows the hill, which facilitates the access and guarantees maximum exposure of the living quarters to the southern area of the city.






Compositionally, the building consists of two parallel 4-storey blocks with another 6-storey bar resting on top of them. The open space below flows from the entrance group to the mirador-platform and continues into the endless view over the cityscape.



ground floor
1. shoping floor
2. showcase area
3. staff room
4. utility room
5. technical room
6. hall of the residentional part
7. office space
second floor – typical floor
1. bedroom
2. kitchen – dining room
3. living room
4. wardrobe
fifth floor – duplex apartment
1. kitchen-dining room
2. living room
3. study
section 1

The six-storey volume is marked by siding panels that imitate wood. Its northern façade has scanty glazing, as mainly bedrooms and studies overlook this direction.



Each apartment has its own spacious terrace opening towards the south. Sun-lit terraces adjoin living rooms and kitchens providing a nice place for having breakfast, sunbathing and enjoying the splendid far-reaching view over the distance of 15 kilometers away.