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location:Crimea, Ukraine
function:tourist base
area:8 300 m2
status:urban concept (2011)
team:Yuriy Bendasov, Oleg Drozdov, Yevgen Kosyk, Iryna Kotelevets, Tymofii Ulanchenko, Oleksandr Kuznetsov

The site is located within the boundaries of the conservation area on Ai-Petri plateau and is linked to the sea coast, Bakhchisarayske highway and the cable road. As the site lies in the immediate proximity to major tourist routes and to the system of mountain ski trails, it is quite attractive for developing tourism of a new quality here.




A horseshoe-shaped layout of the plot creates something like an amphitheatre with a panoramic view in the north-western direction over the valley and the mountain slopes. A young pine-tree grove protects the site from the wind in the south-west. These particular features of the landscape determine three essential functional zones, such as the central public space, linked to the outrun area; the surrounding valley where the main facilities and apartments are located, and a quieter zone of the slope bordered by the forest.


1. public square
2. office building
3. hotel
4. staff building with utility spaces
5. residential buildings
6. open parking
7. covered parking
8. spa
9. pool
10. equipment rentals building
11. snowmobiles garage with workshop
12. stable
13. reservoir
14. security building
15. drag-lift


Mini-piazza is the hub of the whole complex. It is flanked by the hotel, restaurant, offices and shop. The surrounding development follows the principle of archaeological landscape, where the density is getting lower the further it is from the centre, ranging from closely located apartment groups to free standing dugout-like units that form the natural line of the slope.







The complex can accommodate visitors both for short- and long-term stay and offers various one-day hiking trips. As the complex provides all the necessary facilities for different kinds of tourism, it can be an exciting short break from a usual beach holiday on the coast. Due to the use of renewable energy sources, the complex has nearly autonomous energy supply.