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location:Lanzheron cape, Odessa, Ukraine
function:yacht-club with hotel complex
area:45 760 m2
status:preliminary design (2008)
team:Artem Abrosymov, Serhiy Vlasov, Oleg Drozdov, Vyacheslav Zhemir, Olga Prokopenko

Creating a complex with a marina on the territory of a shipbuilding yard in Odessa is an important sign of the city’s transition from a logistic centre into a tourist destination. In the first place, the project is aimed at promoting inter-regional yachting, which is likely to involve the whole Black Sea coast, thus reviving the Ancient Greek concept of the «Inner Sea».

The concept embraces the basic principles of “Monisto” project (2003), such as the creation of the embankment and the seadrive for loading.

1. yacht-club building
2. hotel complex
3. public service facility
4. car parking
4.1 car parking space (yacht storage and maintenance)
5. building under reconstruction – restaurant
6. petrol station zone
7. public seafront
8. yacht storage and maintenance zone
9. recreation
10. public beach
The new development on the slope preserves the plateau-sea connection and consists of two structures: terraces and «ravines». The complex is provided with a well-developed service and entertainment infrastructure which is connected with the embankment and the yacht club.





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