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Under the Cap
location:Kharkiv, Ukraine
function:family house
area:275 m²
status:concept (2020)
team:Ruslana Bars, Anton Bozhko, Oleg Drozdov, Vitalii Pravyk, Yurii Saraiev, Anna Taradina, Vyacheslav Zhemir

The plot is located in a forest clearing among private residential development. Set on top of the terrain, the house partitions the front garden from back yard and gives its broad, yet focused view.




We have likened the house to an ‘auditorium’ with spectators watching a performance on the landscape ‘scene’. By placing the house in the northern part of the plot, we have ensured privacy for the back-yard garden and opened most of its part to the southern sun. The house wears a cap that gives a deep shadow to the terrace and covers the main entrance. “Spectators” enjoy a broad view of the garden from the top point of the plot.



The house is positioned across the active terrain and emphasises its natural outlines. The focus is set by the ‘cap’s peak’ turned towards the garden. The cap itself houses a double-height common space, a workshop and a guest bedroom.

The narrow slit of the entrance gives a peek of the garden, claiming the ‘spectators’ attention and enticing them to enter. Moving on, we find ourselves in the key spot of the project: a large double-height space smoothly flowing onto a terrace, which is a place for garden contemplation.


first floor plan


second floor plan


The brickwork of the post and the beam is structured as a grid. This pattern creates a texture which holds together the volume of the house making it coherent. The grid is a kind of filter which prevents overheating and disperses bright light.




section 1.1


section 2.1