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La Fabrica
location:Dnipro, Ukraine
function:hotel complex
area:9700 sqm
status:preliminary design (2021)
team:Oleg Drozdov, Anton Zheleznov, Ivan Zhuk, Vitaliy Pravik, Yurii Saraiev, Serhiy Kostianyi, Petro Shtelmakh

The building responds to several circumstances at once. Firstly, its height matches the existing neighbourhood. Secondly, it creates a closed block, which is a natural downtown typology. A major goal of the project was to set up sustainable relations between various functions of the development to create a locus for social activities and cooperation, with all the components complementing each other.





The façade solutions respond to the internal functions. The façade of the ground floor and the second floor is open and easily adjusts to the different areas of the premises behind. By joining the windows and the glazed balconies of the residential unit, we have created a structural element of the façade, which, in its turn, expresses the tectonics of the building.



section 1-1


section 2-2


The ground floor functions are intended not only for the hotel guests, but for everyone and so they provide additional services to the city. The courtyard, in its turn, is semi-private. All the buildings and constructions on the site are subjects of conservation, and they take an active part in forming the volume. The semi-demolished wall of the historic building is integrated into the façade of the new development. Building on the surrounding context, we have chosen burnt red brick as the major façade material.



Ground floor layout
1. Cafe
2. Mini-supermarket
3. Lobby
4. Restaurant
5. Banquet hall
6. Education
7. Corridor
8. Utility room
9. Multifunctional room
10. Multifunctional room


Residential units are designed so that they could be merged, creating new typologies. The top floor of the hotel and its roof are meant for the hotel guests’ recreation.


unit combinations


Second floor layout
1. Hotel unit
2. Hotel unit of the second type
3. Hotel unit of the third type
4. Hotel service
5. Corridor
6. Utility room
7. Multifunctional room
8. Multifunctional room


Typical floor plan
1. Hotel unit
2. Hotel unit of the second type
3. Hotel unit of the third type