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Family Club
location:Kharkiv region, Ukraine
function:country residence
area:1 150 sqm
status:preliminary design (2021)
team:Oleg Drozdov, Lilit Hakopyan, Nataliia Mysak, Ivan Skachko, Vitalii Pravyk

Family is an important part of our life, though we often neglect spending time together. The project aims at forming a large family country home, or even a club, for seasonal recreation of a large family in the countryside, where nature is left as intact as possible.

Due to the density of Scots pines growing on the site, it was quite a challenge to find a vacant spot to place one single multifunctional volume. So, the house is functionally split into more compact individual units, which we have placed in small clearings among the trees.


The complex is located in a pine forest on the bank of the Pechenizke water reservoir on the Siversky Donets, a major water artery of Eastern Ukraine.

The residential premises are arranged to provide maximum contact with nature. Corridors and technical facilities of the spa are placed next to the neighbours’ plot and the driveway.




The pavilion is the fulcrum for people and events. It is the main volume, which has prompted the idea of the family country club. It is the hub for all the major events and the top concentration of people. With its flexible open zones, the pavilion can accommodate many visitors.





Most of the volumes are constructed entirely from timber. The bearing elements made from CLT panels decorate the interiors. The façades of the residential units, the spa and the auxiliary facilities are covered with planks which are charred using a traditional Japanese technique. The shell of the pavilion is formed from statement Yampil sandstone.




Bedrooms are located separately. The large number of bedrooms and the need to create compact volumes due to the lack of sufficient clearings on the site have suggested a classic hotel layout. To ensure the feeling of safety in the endless forest, the bedroom units are raised above the ground. Such arrangement also provides the neighbouring trees with a better access to water and air.



A special focus is made on the spa. The hammam, the sauna, and the massage parlour are sacred functions, which have suggested the idea of a patio shielded from the outside world, which would stimulate quite different emotions. The spa volume retires into itself.




The site also has a great pier with a recreation zone, household facilities with a staff building, a large playground for children and a sports ground. The plot did not require intense landscaping.


first floor


second floor


third floor


fourth floor