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Yaroslava Mudroho
location:Yaroslava Mudroho street, Kharkiv, Ukraine
function:multifunctional hub
area:2 390 m2
status:preliminary design (2018)
team:Anton Bozhko, Oksana Chebina, Oleg Drozdov, Ievgen Nevmyvaka, Vitalii Pravyk, Ganna Vovchenko, Vyacheslav Zhemir

Located in one of the major streets of Kharkiv, the building responds to a number of circumstances: the street scale, its structure, and tectonics, together with the hospitality sector which is on the rise in the neighbourhood.




The structure of the building is based on the grid that follows the rhythmic pattern prevailing in the area.



The exterior of the building complies with the street scale and echoes the traditional brick houses that are typical of Kharkiv. This is the reason why the complex has four major floors with different heights like in many other buildings located nearby.



The building is designed in such a way that its spacious rooms can accommodate a variety of functions depending on the needs. There can be restaurants, offices, gyms or medical centres. There is also a roof-top terrace which is open to the public.




ground floor plan
1. cafe
2. kitchen
3. staff room
4. technical room
first floor plan
1. office space
2. utility room
3. utility room
4. technical room
fourth floor plan
1. office space
2. utility room
3. technical room
4. technical room