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Super Patio
location:Odessa region, Ukraine
function:family house
area:639 m2
status:built (2006)
team:Yana Bryukhovetska, Oleg Drozdov, Oleksandr Strulyov

The space of the patio, classical in its structure, is integrated, via its raised side, into the space of the garden and the seascape.



volume transformation
midday light exposure in Summer
midday light exposure in Winter


The swimming-pool mirror seems to be rushing towards the open space and at the same time guarding the intimacy of the patio.




ground floor plan
1.guest room
2. kitchen area
3. hall
4. closet
5. w/c
6. guest room
7. garage
8. study
9. game room
10. gym
11. shower
12. hammam
13. technical facilities
14. security room
15. hallway
16. gallery
first floor plan
1. guest room
2. children bedroom
3. closet
4. w/c
5. closet
6. w/c
7. master bedroom
8. closet
9. mezzanine
10. gallery


southern elevation
northern elevation