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location:Kyiv, Ukraine
area:820 m2
status:concept (2010)
team:Oleksandr Abrosimov, Serhiy Vlasov, Oleg Drozdov, Yevgen Kosyk, Oleg Starodubtsev

Sportyvna square enjoys a key position in the system of open spaces in Kyiv. Located in the vicinity of the Palace of Sports, numerous offices and hotels, this square accumulates various events happening in the neighbourhood.



The very typology of the pavilion and the feeling of temporariness and atectonic nature of the structure, which arises from its closeness to product design, came as a solution to a number of tasks, namely: to create an articulate public space, to give a meaningful content to the square without introducing additional clutter, and preserve the existing pedestrian routes and sight-lines.




The pavilion “floats” above the square standing on long legs. It defines pedestrian zone and serves a number of functions: it represents a peculiar sculpture, a canopy over the subway entrance, a meeting point, as well as an interactive media-facade which can serve as a technical backup for various concerts, video installations and shows.



The form of the pavilion reacts in a flexible way to its functional content – moving gradually down from the most active dance hall, through the cafe and bar, to the lounge zone. One can see the interior through cuts which take shape of either open terraces or media-facade.