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Secret Box
location:Kharkiv, Ukraine
function:family house
area:270.5 m2
status:preliminary project (2010)
team:Artem Abrosimov, Oleg Drozdov, Olena Zabelina

The plot is situated in the vicinity of a busy motorway. The perimeter wall creates a peculiar type of space where the boundary between the inside and the outside is blurred. The whole space is divided into three different zones: the house and two gardens, each with its own character. The smaller garden is located in the south, together with the entrance group, and is overlooked from the children’s room and the guest room.

The bigger garden, in its turn, is located in the northern part of the plot. It has a terrace, a swimming pool, and a lawn, and it is overlooked from the master-bedroom and from all common living spaces of the house. The house serves as communication and visual connection between the two gardens.




Although the house is typologically different from its environment, it seamlessly merges with the neighbourhood.


floor plan



Additional skylight creates the atmosphere of an “open-air” mini-patio in the living room.