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School Garden
location:Cleveland, USA
function:public school (k-12)
area:8 430 m2
status:competition project, third prize (2011)
team:Oleg Drozdov, Pavel Zabotin, Hanna Kosharna, Andrian Sokolovsky

The project represents a space of choice and free development bridging the gap between studies and entertainment and releasing the educational process from the label of boredom. The abundance of untouched green areas and the availability of plots of land where children can practice farming, bring the students closer to nature, which is vitally important in the post-industrial city. While cultivating vegetables, fruit and berries, children learn the values of their ancestors. Understanding nature as the integral part of one’s self, aptitude for self-development, independent thinking, people skills, and general competence are the qualities which are fostered in the school. This is guaranteed by the suggested design and the qualified teaching staff.



The project suggests a borderless, human-friendly and clean environment. One-storey volume reduces obstacles, both physical and visual, to minimum and allows the creation of a green plateau. The plateau goes down from the main volume to the courtyard and makes up a hill which serves as a shelter for parking. Climbing up the sloping green roof or the hill, one can enjoy the panoramic view of the city.



The inner space of the school forms one continuous whole with no rigidly segregated areas. Educational zones flow one into another. Sliding screens can be moved, and open multimedia libraries and laboratories make up a vast open space which can accommodate various events. Classrooms are located along the perimeter. Fully glazed façade overlooks the street and creates a visual connection between the school and the city.