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location:Rybalsky Peninsula, Kyiv, Ukraine
function:residential complex
area:61 400 м²
status:concept (2019)
team:Marharyta Borysova, Ganna Vovchenko, Oleg Drozdov, Vyacheslav Zhemir, Yevgen Nevmyvaka, Vitalii Pravyk

The plot is located near the Pochaina river and the emerging park, but the railroad and the motorway cut it off from the neighbouring housing estate. This gave us an opportunity to design a house that accentuates its location both through its scale and form. Views of the Dnieper river, the bridges, Podil, the Pochaina landscape park, and Kyiv hills – this is a unique and valuable resource of the plot.






The proposed volume offers maximum exposure to the great views and provides direct contact with the Pochaina landscape park. The unit layout ensures that every large flat has its own terrace and enjoys a beautiful 180° view. At the same time, the stylobate creates an inhabited island above the busy thoroughfares. Formed by a multi-level parking in its core and public facilities along its perimeter, the island of the stylobate raises residential floors above the context.


searching for form



It was a vital priority to preserve the current connection with the lake. A walking path is created along the banks with playgrounds and sports areas. It is also connected with the courtyard protected from the railroad noise by a perforated noise-absorbing wall. Driveways inside the complex run parallel to the proposed highway.