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location:Stepova 6a st., Odesa, Ukraine
function:housing estate
area:13,7 ha
status:concept (2018)
team:Ganna Vovchenko, Hanna Kosharna, Oksana Chebina, Oleg Drozdov, Vyacheslav Zhemir, Ievgen Kolesnikov, Ievgen Nevmyvaka, Vitalii Pravyk

The plot for a new housing estate is located on the territory of the former industrial zone on the outskirts of Odesa. In spite of this location, the place is easily accessible from the city centre. Although currently the surrounding area is not very conducive to social activity, in future this territory stands a good chance to become an appealing place to live.


development of the urban layout

The project is supposed to become an accelerator that stimulates the development of the surrounding territory. Our goal was not only to integrate an entirely new function into this industrial area, but also to ensure the continuity of urban planning patterns.

It was also important for us to recreate a living environment that is traditional for Odesa and the local sunny climate, but at the same time to achieve ultimate noise protection from the nearby railroad and the developing highway.


variants of site development

Our long-term work resulted in a continuous neighbourhood made of blocks, which is our own interpretation of Le Corbusier’s Cité Radieuse. It’s a dialogue between the neighbourhoods of old Odesa, towers, and a continuous megastructure, which introduces high density and diversity of interconnected spaces, each having its own functional peculiarities. All this creates an incredible combination of spaces that are available to local citizens.


“Cité Radieuse” (1935)