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location:Odessa, Ukraine
function:research (2005)
area:165 ha
team:Serhiy Batsunov, Oleg Drozdov, Denis Moseyko, Oleksandr Pominchuk
partners:Vsevolod Avksentyev (Renova Development, Russia), Oleksandr Buryak (International Institute of Urbanism and Regional Development), Marco Vermeulen, Yevgen Zakman (Prospects Development, Latvia), Oleksandr Kolesnikov (Nice-Project), Theo Hauben (Urban Affairs, The Netherlands)

The project addresses the development of the coast of Odessa. A necklace (monisto) of seven man-made isles provides a solution to a series of urgent local problems, including the lack of space for new development, underrated tourism resources, impeded connections between the city and the sea, as well as outdated and inefficient use of coastal slopes.





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In response to these challenges, Monisto project reclaims165 ha of land for high-density and high-technology development. The coastline of the new isles will be as long as 30 km.



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The current shore is used for new transportation infrastructure, embankments, landscape parks, resorts, and business facilities. The innovative project aims at turning Odessa into a major tourism centre.