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location:Myronosytska street, Kharkiv, Ukraine
function:apartment building
area:2 361 m2
status:concept (2012)
team:Oleg Drozdov, Vyacheslav Zhemir, Iryna Kambur, Tymofii Ulanchenko

The apartment house is located at the intersection of Myronosytska and Mayakovskogo streets within a historic neighborhood dating back to the late XIX – early XX centuries. Our task was to design a building that could become a new urban landmark – the one that could empower the entire architectural environment.



Red brick masonry pays tribute to the building which used to be on this place and which was also made of red bricks that are so traditional of Kharkiv.



Large windows are the central elements of the living rooms. They also help the building to maintain an on-going dialog with the city.

Lying on the same level with the pedestrian street, the lower part of the building continues the developing retail space and gives additional public value to the two intersecting streets.



ground floor plan
1. retail floor of the shop
2. retail floor of the shop
3. retail floor of the shop
4. staircase
5. vestibule
6. refuse chute termination room
7. retail floor of the shop
8. retail floor of the shop
9. technical room


type floor plan
1. studio apartment
2. two-roomed flat
3. three bedroom apartment