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Meadow House
location:Kyiv region, Ukraine
function:family house
area:600 m2
status:preliminary design (2013)
team:Oleg Drozdov, Kateryna Yolkina, Oleksandr Kuznetsov, Vitaliy Pravik

The development plot has its unique character due to the existing house, the orchards and the large meadow which goes down to the river. The plot has already got an axis created by a maple-tree lane. The axis goes right through the highest point of the slope. The design proposal puts further emphasis on the axis by means of dividing the house into two blocks with a pavilion-like space between them. The axis is pegged by an observation pavilion – a mirador on the edge of the slope.

The axis divides the house into two blocks: a guest house with a spa and the main house. Most of the rooms overlook the south with a controlled exposure towards the west. The ground floor consists of various interconnected spaces that maintain an unfailing connection with the landscape.




1. house
2. swimming pool
3. house for mother and garage
4. guest parking
5. squash rackets
6. greenhouse
7. summerhouse
8. green room
9. fir garden
10. front garden
11. mirador



ground floor plan
1. hall
2. closet
3. w/c
4. laundry
5. living room
6. dining room
7. kitchen
8. storage facility
9. spa
10. changing room
11. sauna
12. garden
13. corridor
14. study
15. guest room
16. boiler room


first floor plan
1. corridor
2. master bedroom
3. bathroom
4. closet
5. bedroom


sunshading of southern facade