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location:Lausanne, Switzerland
function:blocks of flats
area:1 256 м²
status:concept (2022)
team:Oleg Drozdov, Anton Zheleznov, Vitaliy Pravik, Serhiy Kostianyi
partners:Paragraph, ARCOSARRE Architecture SA

The residential building project in Lausanne, Switzerland, is situated on a triangular-shaped plot that was formerly a gas station surrounded by high-rise buildings. The complex shape of the building outline and the laconic planning solution of the premises form interesting spaces. Restrictions on the site have led to a small spot of complexly shaped buildings for its inhabitation. To make the most of the limited space, the staircase of a neighboring building was taken into account, taking into account the regulatory distance to the farthest building. As a result, one apartment at the end of the building was redeveloped into two smaller apartments. The levels of the new floors were tied to the floors of the existing neighboring building, allowing the small volume to be adapted by expanding with the addition of a neighboring apartment building. This creative solution has resulted in an interesting and unique space that is sure to be enjoyed by its inhabitants.






This floor has 6 apartments, including four newly built ones in the extension and two that have been redeveloped from an existing one. The living spaces range from 26 to 72 m2, providing a variety of accommodations to suit different segments of the population. This variety of apartments also helps reduce the developer’s investment risk. On the first level, there is an open-plan commercial space ideal for any small business.

Ground floor



Typical floor


The facade of the extension doesn’t mirror the old neighboring building deliberately. However, it considers the height, proportions, and horizontal elements of both facades. This manner of architecture ensures that the buildings are fitting to the time in which they were built and clearly communicates the gradual progress of the city. The triangular shape of the construction site created a dynamic, angular façade that has been developed as a distinctive feature of the building. This area is perfect for loggias. The structure of the building is proposed to be assembled from prefabricated panels, which is reflected in the tectonics of the façade.