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In the Shade of Pyramids
location:Daegu, South Korea
area:3 100 m2
status:competition proposal (2012)
team:Anastasiia Budnyk, Yulia Demidyuk, Oleg Drozdov, Oleksandr Kuznetsov, Andrian Sokolovsky, Tymofii Ulanchenko, Denis Shatalyuk

The place chosen for the library has a unique value for this high-density neighbourhood. On the one hand, it accesses the main thoroughfare connecting this district with the city centre. On the other hand, it is adjoined by public buildings (church, shops). With a new library here, this place is bound to acquire the status of the public centre of the whole neighbourhood. In this respect, one of our objectives was to ensure maximum preservation of green areas while creating an utterly concentrated public facility.




As a solution to this task, as well as a response to the subtropical climate with heavy rainfalls and active insolation, we come forward with a building that creates a deep ventilated shade over the public area, provides rain protection and occupies minimum footprint. The inverted pyramid silhouette accentuates this place and distinguishes it from the surrounding commercial and residential development. This reinforces the identity of the place, as an important component of the local social infrastructure.







undeground plan
1. amphitheatre
2. lobby
3. culture classroom
4. storage
5. multipurpose room
6. cloak room
7. culture classroom
8. classroom
9. electrical and mechanical room
10. kitchen
11. staff room
12. dishwashing room
13. pantry
14. wc
15. server room
16. preservation room
17. mobile library support room
18. two-tier automatic parking


ground floor
1. main entrance
2. staff entrance
3. parking
4. deliveries


first floor
1. reception
2. lounge
3. office
4. wc
5. dressing room
6. kitchen
7. lounge
8. meeting room
9. director room


second floor
1. children space
2. reception
3. nursing room
4. sleeping room
5. children toilet
6. storytelling area
7. digital data corner


third floor
1. general collection room
2. digital data corner