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Glushkova Ave.
location:Kyiv, Ukraine
function:car-supermarket + office
area:26 094 m2
status:preliminary design (2008)
team:Luca Bassani, Oleg Drozdov, Rogier Dobma, Christina Paechnatz, Serhiy Rusanov, Oleksandr Shepel

On a small plot between the main road and the forest, a monolith mass houses an office-centre and a car-supermarket. Both parts are designed by efficient principles, resulting in minimum energy consumption.




volume concept


facades concept


showroom facades

For the office part, the incoming sunlight is controlled by the depth of the concrete facade-frames. As for the showroom, the folds in the glass facade regulate sun protection, reflection and transparency, while a spacious atrium naturally conditions the inner climate.





air circulation




circulation diagram


The car-supermarket is organised as a continuous space with a gallery around this atrium. A visit is therefore an upward sequence of different perspectives, resulting in a lounge-bar overseeing the forest.