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Garden Patio
location:Kharkiv, Ukraine
function:family house
area:671 m2
status:built (2003-2006)
photo:Andrey Avdeenko
team:Oleg Drozdov, Oleksandr Pominchuk, Oleksandr Strulyov
partners:Jeroen Schipper Architecten

The plot is situated on the active slope, on the border between private residential development and botanical garden. The layout strategy proposes maximum contact with the park by exploiting the view from all internal spaces.


It was essential to highlight the active terrain by means of landscape elements and volumes. The main volume is moved to the back of the site, its closed parts being as close to the neighbours as possible. As a result, the house enjoys a lot of free space to admire its own garden that flows down to the green mass of the park, creating a single green space.


Garden Patio архитектурный проект частного дома в Харькове. Архитектурное проектирование 5-5 (2)


Terraces make a characteristic feature of the house. The main volume is surrounded by two rows of wooden terraces. The one which overlooks the botanical garden is shielded by a plane with a window. On a hot summer day it makes a comfortable place for having meals on the open air.



The composition consists of two cubes – the manor and the garage unit with guestrooms on top – which are threaded on the line of a glazed passage. The garden and the internal spaces enjoy utmost protection from the outer environment.


ground floor plan
1. hall
2. study
3. living room
4. kitchen
5. dinning room
6. winter garden
7. pool
8. bathroom
9. sauna
first floor plan
1. bedroom
2. closet
3. bathroom

The life of the house is influenced by as many as four gardens.

First, this is the municipal botanical garden. The manor enjoys a wonderful view of its green groves lying below. Besides, the house has its own sloping garden.  Four elegant rectangular terraces emphasise the difference between the levels, presenting a peculiar contrast with the natural landscape. Different orientation of terraces creates a dynamic connection between the house and its surrounding. The terraces grow wider as they descend the hill creating more usable space. On the whole, the site has a more open nature in comparison with the green mass lying below.

The third garden is a real secret garden – a cozy nook, shrouded in mystery and romance. One can get into this chamber garden only via the terrace formed by the difference in layers.

The fourth garden is a green heart of the house. The patio garden is situated in the very core of the multifunctional living space, which represents an ideal square.



Around the winter garden there is a sequence of zones, each having its our function: kitchen, dining room, lounge, collection of traditional Russian samovars, office, swimming pool. The members of the family can be in different zones but at the same time stay in one single common space.






Visual connections between all internal spaces intersect the layer of the winter garden with tropical plants. The winter garden also plays a major role in the gallery of the second floor where the bedrooms are situated.