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Fishing Pier
location:Odessa, Ukraine
function:hotel complex
area:10 301 m2
status:concept (2009)
team:Serhiy Vlasov, Oleg Drozdov, Vyacheslav Zhemir, Serhiy Rusanov, Oleg Starodubtsev, Oleh Chebotarev

The design plot houses a small fishing base, which inspired the general layout and scale of a fishermen’s village as a reference, which spells narrow streets going down the slope to the sea and the rhythmic organisation of apartment blocks. This enabled most rational organisation of the slope, creating small triangular blocks, threaded on the central axis of the staircase.




view from the sea


section 1-1


section 2-2


section 3-3


The resort complex is pierced by two «passages» running parallel to the sea and performing the function of public spaces: the embankment and the first terrace with a sports ground and a playground for children.




The space between the two tiers accommodates a swimming pool, a spa-centre, a fitness club, a conference hall, several bars, and a restaurant, which all have access to the embankment and the beach. Due to gradual shifts, each unit of the apartment block enjoys its own private terrace.