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Designing in Tehran
location:Tehran, Iran
function:shopping mall
area:12 150 m2
status:competition proposal for Benetton (2009)
team:Artem Abrosymov, Yuriy Bendasov, Oleg Drozdov, Oleg Starodubtsev, Oleg Chebotarev

The project explores the idea of mobile authenticity that finds common language with global trends. Modern treatment of eastern traditions and myths prompted the image of a house that belongs to a hospitable owner who invites visitors into his “fortress”, simple-looking from the outside, but cozy and spectacular inside.

The volume composition consists of four major elements, each of them representing different categories of space. The key intrigue of the building is the void that gradually develops into a skyward atrium. This void is the heart and the lungs of the building, serving as a linking element between its various parts and common space for communication. One of the major features of the atrium is a sloping structure of the garden that forms inner recreational zones. This main garden is added with a terraced one outside.

The volume and the layout scheme, alongside with engineering installations create favourable ecological situation inside the building, making it self-sufficient (zero-emitting) in terms of resources due to natural air circulation, effective sunlight-protection, solar energy accumulation and its further conversion into electricity.




underground parking plan


underground warehouse plan


ground floor plan – shop


first floor plan – shop


fourth floor plan -offices


apartments floor plan


southern elevation