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Content of Emptiness
location:Kharkiv, Ukraine
function:summer terrace of a cafe
area:600 m2
status:built (2011)
photo:Andriy Avdeenko, Drozdov&Partners
team:Oleksandr Abrosimov, Serhiy Vlasov, Denis Davydov, Oleg Drozdov, Sergey Rusanov

The plot is a relatively empty space located in the middle of the dense urban development. A small cafe was built on this place in the early 90-s. However, as time went by, there appeared a need for its renovation. Our aim was to provide this place with a new content, preserving the existing building and trees.



To this end we made use of the typology of “urban rooms” or “inner courtyards” to create a variety of miscellaneous, though interconnected spaces.



The whole space is divided into three major “rooms”: the main room with a wooden terrace and a bar, with movable canopies above; a middle room with a summer kitchen and a fixed canopy, and a small “room” on the upper open-air terrace, which adjoins the cafe itself.






A light modular frame invites a variety of scenarios that can take place within this space: for example fashion parades or a summer cinema. Besides, it identifies the space within the scale of the surrounding development by means of creating a unifying shell of a ghost-house, which in its turn facilitates the integration of the cafe into the urban environment and endows it with a fresh content.






ground floor plan


section 1


section 2
section 3