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Collection garage
location:Kiev region, Ukraine
function:garage for 26 cars
area:1 800 m2
status:technical drawings (2010)
team:Oleksandr Abrosymov, Oleg Drozdov, Serhii Kostianyi, Kateryna Nebesna

The project was aimed at creating a “shelter” for a private collection of cars. The plot stretches along the borderline of the estate forming a frontier for the courtyard on one of the sides. The interior of the garage is set by the two-tier ramp that creates closed loops conducive to car circulation and tours round the exposition. It also creates a two-light inner space.

site plan


The outside appearance of the volume is the utmost reflection of its internal structure, fitting like a well-tailored suit. The ring of glazing, with its lower part facing the courtyard, serves as a showcase for the cars on the display. In its upper part the glazing turns into skylights responding in this way to the curving ramp.

elevation 1
elevation 2

Apart from parking, the garage provides a number of additional premises: a lounge with a bar and mini-office, as well as a maintenance zone equipped with a lift and car wash.




ground floor plan


first floor plan