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City Villas
location:Kyiv, Ukraine
function:terraced house
area:1 115 m2
status:under construction (2014-2018)
team:Yana Bryukhovetska, Oleg Drozdov,Serhii Kostianyi, Oleksandr Kuznetsov, Vitaliy Pravik

Low-rise single-family development is becoming denser in this part of Kiev downtown. New typologies are introduced into the urban tissue.

The design assignment was to locate two single-family houses on this relatively small plot, 508 m2, with a 9-meter difference in topography. In order to realize the main project objectives, we decided to use a hybrid scheme that combines features of urban villa, terraced house, and townhouse.



section scheme





Structurally, it is solved by two terraces-platforms with embedded utility rooms, topped by common spaces and the cubic volumes of bedrooms. The upper terraces overlook the hilly landscape of Kyiv.








underground floor plan


ground floor plan


underground / first floor plan


ground / second floor plan