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location:Kharkiv, Ukraine
function:exhibition (2012)
photo:Andriy Avdeenko, Serhiy Prytkin, Serhiy Snashnin
team:Anastasiia Budnyk, Yulia Demidyuk, Oleg Drozdov, Oleksandra Kolesnikova, Vitaliy Pravik

Making this selection of pre-project artifacts and post-project photos we wanted to trace “life stories” of some of our projects and to ponder over ideas and things that happened to be the starting point or played essential role in the tangle of time, place and agents. Thus, this small research helps us see our own professional trajectory reminding us of circumstances that proved to be influential and those that were left unnoticed.




When? What is the key thing in the project: a particular moment, situation, or rather the entire epoch with its political and economic reality? What does the project reflect the most: future visions or reflection of the past; reaction to a disease or aspirations of the society?




Where? The core idea of the project is often prompted by the charm or the drawbacks of the place. However, geographical or cultural environment can sometimes be inhospitable and even hostile to a newly appeared object.




Why? In spite of what? What for? Trying to fill the space with a new content we rely on our ideas of what is comfortable, sensible, and fair.




How long? The profession is better understood when you observe your own realized projects over time, when they become part of the urban landscape, get covered by patina and advertising, or remain “uninhabited” altogether.




These illustrations have been collected from miscellaneous sources. All of them have been made by different people – colleagues, friends, clients, professional and amateur photographers. Changing the vantage point gives us a new perspective of our work.