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location:Kharkiv, Ukraine
function:family house
area:159 m2
status:under construction
team:Oleg Drozdov, Kateryna Yolkina, Yevhen Kolesnikov, Hanna Kosharna, Elvira Legostaeva, Ievgen Nevmyvaka, Vitaliy Pravik, Oleksandra Urtiukova, Andriy Chernohor

The plot where the proposed family house is located lies rather close to the city centre and is accessed from a dirt road going further into the settlement. The main challenge of the project was to provide the would-be dwellers with a variety of living scenarios, with the plot and the house itself being rather modestly sized. the house, together with its small gardens, a terrace and an intimate patio make maximum use of the whole territory which is available.




The blank walls of the workshop and the garage protect the house from the noise and the dust of the road. The living room in the back side of the house overlooks a small garden in the west and the private patio on the opposite side. The key elements here are vertical wooden ribs that perform a load beading function, provide solar control and shape sightlines.




ground floor plan


section 1


section 2


section 3