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Family Club. Searching for materiality

08/02/22. The Family Club is located in a dense pine forest on the bank of a water reservoir. Following our rules of the game, we had to keep all the trees intact. The need to work in the open spaces between the trees has prescribed the discontinuous, multi-unit structure for our development.

We have used a rather simplistic vocabulary of geometric shapes: a circle, a semi-circle, and a slab. This has enabled us to highlight the beauty of the natural terrain and the slender, imperfect verticals of the forest. This dual contrast underpins the whole configuration of the Family Club, which includes its own skyscrapers, both vertical and horizontal, and even a patio.


Family Club Project


The whole complex is built from two materials: natural stone and wood. Most volumes are created by timber structures. The bearing structures made from CLT panels also function as interior finishing. The façades of the residential, utility, and spa units are clad in timber, charred according to a traditional Japanese technology, while the pavilion shell is made of conspicuous Yampol sandstone.

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