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Escape from the City: Where to?

03/06/21. We are working on the Bursa Cabins Tripillia project, a new countryside development on the Dnipro River bank with 13 individual cabins, 6 hotel rooms, a spa centre, a retreat centre, a restaurant, and a bar. It is a retreat in the wilderness free from any visual or noise pollution, but with a high-end hotel service provided by BURSA Hotels & Cabins.

On the one hand, we have been looking for a way to minimize our intervention into the natural environment, and on the other – we have tried to create a space with maximum comfort for ultimate leisure. We have designed three types of cabins for different number of guests, who are welcome to come without their families or on their own. Such accommodation variety is ensured by three triangular forms, reiterated in the collage composition soaring over the variegated terrain and verdure of the Dnipro River banks:

1.a right-angled triangle sitting on one of its legs
2.a triangle lying on its hypotenuse
3.an isosceles triangle

Design and architecture must leave no traces in nature. So, all the construction elements will be delicately embedded into the landscape.


master plan




More about the Project:

Testing ground samples from the site
Project announcement in The Village

For investment opportunities and partnership: [email protected]