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Looking Back on Archaic Construction Methods

21/04/21. We are designing Bursa Cabins Trypillia, a new countryside complex near Kyiv, on a site with extremely loamy ground. To follow the major eco-friendly construction principles, we decided to use the available ground instead of importing construction materials from other regions.

Ground samples from the site were tested to reveal the following proportion: 90% clay and 10% sand and gravel each. This is the main material we are currently using.

Various proportions can be used to prepare construction mix from such soil. We tested the clay, sand and gravel in different proportions, adding cement to improve the bearing capacity of the unstabilized mix.



We started with finding the best proportion for the components. Then we made a dry mix, added water and, using formwork, made small-size 10*10*10-cm cubes. We got 4 different mixes and conducted their laboratory crush tests. Expert analysis identified the mix which can be used as bearing material and another one, which can be used as the filler.



Generally speaking, this is a very ancient technology, which is used globally, on all the continents. The process envisages identifying the proportion of various components in the ground of the site and then finding the best composition of the construction mix which can ensure the required constructive strength.

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