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“This is the project that deserves the Prime Award”

13/07/18. In the interview given to the ukrainian magazine “House & Interior”, the members of the jury of the Ukrainian Urban Awards explained why Teatr na Podoli was awarded the first prize.

Hiroki Matsuura, head of the jury at UUA, partner at Maxwan architects + urbanists:

“Teatr na Podoli displays a very bold approach and exceptional esthetic value. The building is located in the historic part of the city. It’s open to the public and it’s in perfect harmony with its surrounding. We know that the project was widely criticized, but we share the opinion of foreign experts and we support the architects’ modern approach. It’s crucial to understand that criticism is not always well grounded. There should always be a qualified assessment of the previous version of the building and the new one. This is what I call the correct approach”.

Michel Rojkind, member of the jury at UUA, founder of Rojkind arquitectos:

“We spent a long time discussing how Teatr na Podoli unites the past and the present, historic heritage and new opportunities, as well as its role in culture and modern art. This is the project that deserves the Prime Award”.

Markus Appenzeller, member of the jury at UUA, founder of MLA +:

“Oleg Drozdov’s Teatr na Podoli impressed me with its past, its history, all that controversy around it, and what the architects managed to achieve in this project. Transforming the existing structure with all its limitations, and at the same time, creating something poetic and so modern – this is a great challenge. And the architects were brave enough not only to take up this challenge, but also bring this talk to a glorious result. Besides, the jury wanted to award the prize to a public building in order to show what kind of projects are expected to to improve the city for the better”.

You can read more in the digital copy of the ukrainian magazine “House & Interior”.

Let us remind you that Teatr na Polodi was awarded as many as two awards at the Ukrainian Urban Awards ceremony: the Project of the Year, as well as the best project in the category of cultural and social architecture.


Markus Appenzeller & Hiroki Matsuura
Michel Rojkind