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Selected works 17/18

06/03/20 Our new catalogue Selected works 2017/18 has been published.

What makes this period different from the previous ones is a great number of restorations and projects where we worked with heritage from past decades and centuries. We worked with a variety of historical, typological, and geographic contexts. The strategies we applied during this two-year period were also very diverse: from radical reconstruction to gentle interventions that changed the content rather than the form. One of the major milestones of this period is Teatr na Podoli in Kyiv, which sparked off a vigorous debate about the state of modern Ukrainian architecture.

Perhaps, one of our most challenging projects was Pensacola Cityblock project in Florida, where we had to adapt to an exotic context. Among other important projects we should mention restoration of a XVIII-century mansion Morsang-sur-Seine in France, Aloft hotel in Kyiv, VG Horse Club in Kharkiv, urban planing projects in Odessa and Kyiv, and our first prominent work in product design.

Have a look at the catalogue here Selected works 17/18
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