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About lighting balance

15/12/20. This is yet another successful collaboration with our partners, Expolight. The Saga City Space façade has a customized multi-plane lighting scheme, a result of over one year of work, seven trials, and fine-tuning of the lighting intensity. The window openings, concealed behind the brick veil, have their own designed linear lighting, which binds all the elements into one system.

The perforated brick façade is the veil concealing a radically different open plan. The façade has a second transparent layer, through which the inner life of the building becomes visible in the evening. Soft subdued light will fill the façade from the inside and its open work will be brought to the forefront by the permeating external lighting.

Architecture looks different during the day and in the evening. The project Sagaydachnogo is about why we love the evening with its metamorphoses and surprises and also about how grateful we are to the world for all its different stances.

Commissioner: Saga Development
Project: Saga City Space
Photos: Andrey Bezuglov
Video: Dreamers Studio