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Conversations about Architecture

22/02/22. In February 2022, Oleg Drozdov and ist publishing, Ukraine, are presenting a book “Conversations about Architecture”. The book was written together with the architect Bohdan Volynskyi during a cycle of meetings with Oleg Drozdov in Kharkiv, Ukraine, several years ago. It is going to hit the shelves in March 2022.

“The issues discussed by the architects summarize the first two decades of practice by Drozdov and “Drozdov&Partners” architectural office. At the same time, it is an attempt to expand on the topics, which, with time, are gaining more weight. Drozdov and Volynskyi belong to two different generations, they have different backgrounds and context, yet, their paths cross in joint projects and they find each other within the important period:  the momentous events of the winter of 2013–2014 in Ukraine and the ensuing social, political, and cultural transformations. Somewhere outside the text, these events become crucial for both architects, confirming their professional intuitions and setting the major questions about the role and the goals of an architect. For Bohdan, that was the time of the beginning of his personal practice, active public initiatives and the start of the Children’s School of Architecture in Kharkiv. For Oleh, that was a transition period in his long career, with the important landmarks of the public discussion about the Theatre on Podil, Kyiv, and the foundation of the Kharkiv School of Architecture. In the book, Oleh’s voice is dominating, while Bohdan is speaking in italics, supplementing the narrative, and, from time to time, directly addressing the reader” (excerpt from the Introduction by Borys Filonenko, editor, ist publishing).

The book can already be pre-ordered at the web-site of the publishing house istpublishing.org