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Pensacola Cityblock

24/12/18. We’ve obtained building permit for Pensacola Cityblock! Our very first American project in the “City of Five Flags” is coming to life!

After certain reconsideration, the project has become even more communal. A number of consultations led us to the conclusion that individual garages from our original design proposal worsen the overall quality of the property. So, the project evolved towards public domain. Everything about the parking lot and the courtyard is now shared communal space. This helped us to increase the number of parking places in the open-air parking lot that now has a feeling of an integrated space conveying responsibility and safety.



We have also enlarged the public facilities in the corner buildings. Every bit of the plot is put to effective use without robbing the property of its intimacy and individuality.



The courtyards of the townhouses have acquired their final shape. Each apartment has wonderful terraces, most of which overlook the Gulf of Mexico. Sight-lines are particularly designed so that every apartment has a beautiful view of the ocean.

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