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Light and shadow

08/11/21. One side of the villa by the sea is open to the sun and the wind. The other creates deep shade and ventilation via its summer spaces. They make recesses in the façade, blending the interior and the exterior. Brise-soleil give focused views of the sea cutting off the neighbouring structures, like a camera.

Area: 500 sq m
Architects: Ustyna Antoniuk, Anna Vovchenko, Oleg Drozdov




The site is located on the third line of man-made terraces. It overlooks both the sea and the port of Odesa.

The volumes of the bedrooms and utility rooms create a double-height pavilion with common living space. In the north, the space flows into the cool inner courtyard and in the south it continues with a terrace and a swimming-pool, which ensures efficient air circulation in the hot climate.

The whole volume of the house opens on to the sea, while the galleries and passages formed by brise-soleil create additional views and various leisure zones. The internal garden is surrounded by hills, blooming fruit-trees and pines, hiding it from unwelcome observers. All these features improve the energy efficiency of the house, which needs no artificial climate control in summer and is partly heated by the sun in winter.




values: sea view, sun and privacy