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Kitchen concept for shelters

15/06/22. By now, we have equipped more than 15 shelters for IDPs in Lviv and the Lviv Region, Ukraine. Some residents are staying there only for several days, while others have to spend much more time.

After analysing the situation, we have improved and expanded the current concept by designing modular kitchens, which would make the living conditions much more comfortable for the shelter residents. Following the idea that all the materials used in the project must be multifunctional and recyclable, we strived to design functional and long-lasting kitchens, which, after the war, could be used by other institutions. We spent a long time selecting the materials, and finally, together with the colleagues from Kharkiv school of Architecture, Replus bureau and Ponomarenko bureau have opted for metal-framed kitchens.

Presently, the project is put on hold due to a lack of fundings.