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KhSA in Kyiv

11/10/19. Kharkiv School of Architecture opened its branch in Kyiv. From now on, you can attend Zero Year classes in BURSA Hotel Kyiv.

“Our territory has been the epicenter of architectural novelties and events for many years, but unfortunately it has remained in the past. The Soviet period “erased” the traditional city, its lifestyle. Modern urban spaces and infrastructure are in deep crisis. For our country the issue of architectural education has never been so acute.

The role of an architect as a sensitive moderator of socio-economic development of spaces and cities is important now. Architectural education should be built primarily on students’ ambitions. There are more such kind of “charged” people and they require something real and relevant.

Challenges and tasks of the present days, which are facing the architect, require not only a wide range of knowledge and skills, but above that all – the relationship of disciplines. Our focus is on the balance between deep immersion in technical aspects and the architect’s social mission.

Kharkiv School of Architecture is a new type of architectural education in Ukraine. It is built on topical world experience with the participation of international leaders in the profession and a new generation of Ukrainian architects.”

(с) Oleg Drozdov, founder of Kharkiv School of Architecture

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Photo © Kharkiv School of Architecture