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Business for Smart Cities

28/01/19. Oleg Drozdov is going to be a speaker at the congress “Business for Smart Cities” which is going to take place in Kyiv on January 30. “New Economy – New Lifestyle” is the title of his presentation.

There’s been a global shift in the economic paradigm over the past decade, which has triggered all-new urban spaces and all-new styles of co-working and co-living. Let’s see what makes a new “city of happiness”, what kind of components it requires, and how they should be structured.

Time: 30 January, 4:30 pm;

Venue: NSC Olimpiyskiy, conference hall “Sitius”;

Agenda: Conference 4: Smart Living; Topic 2. Other Smart Living Issues: how to make them close to citizens.

The full program of the congress is available here (pdf)