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Architects, not Architecture. Virtual World Tour 2021

22/02/21. The platform Architects, not Architecture has launched the project Virtual World Tour, which takes you on a “tour” to meet the leading architects from around the world, regardless of the current pandemic challenges.

On 27 January 2021, the Platform featured a live meeting with two architects:

Andrė Baldišiūtė, DO Architects, Vilnius, Lithuania
Oleg Drozdov, Drozdov&Partners, Kharkiv, Ukraine

Today we would like to share the unabridged video of the meeting.

In the digital format, the architects shared their personal experience and discussed their creative landmarks, saying nothing about their projects. Why? Because under the Architects, not Architecture concept, each meeting aims at revealing things usually invisible for us. The platform invites famous architects and asks them to present not their internationally acclaimed projects, but themselves. The architects would contemplate upon their experience, their way and their intellectual biography. This gives an insight into their work even without discussing the projects.

Besides the video, architectsnotarchitecture.com  also features a schedule of such meetings with architects from Singapore, Australia, Great Britain, France, Denmark, the Netherlands, South Korea, China, South Africa, Mexico and the USA.

We would like to thank the platform Architects, not Architecture for their kind invitation!

Enjoy the video!)