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10/02/07. “Patiology” – exhibition and conference devoted to the peculiarities of houses with patio the exhibition were held in January 2007 in various cities of Ukraine.

Snake Patio

09/10/06. The sophisticated layout of the house reacts to the spacious structure filled with natural elements.

Super Patio

04/10/06. The space of the patio, classical in its structure, is integrated via its tilted end into the space of the garden and the seascape.


25/09/05. The recently completed project ambitiously addresses the development of the coast of Odessa.

1/2 Patio

04/10/05 The U-shaped focuses on its relation to the garden. The terrace is the hub of the summer life of the house.

4 ha

21/09/05. The core of the housing estate is a combination of two 2 typologies: the towers and the perimeter-long block. A footbridge connects the new development to a forest.

Water Patio

08/10/04. The visible proximity of the sea is enhanced with the mirror of the swimming pool, which links together the ground floor and the terrace. 


21/09/04. The project pilots a high-density terraced house typology which is new for Ukraine.


21/09/04. Our proposal for a housing estate expands the adjacent recreation zone up to the developed plot via a group of open public spaces.


21/09/03 A new shopping mall is about to open in Kharkiv.


21/09/03. A new apartment house in Potebni St. in Kharkiv. 


21/09/03. The building “patches up” a void in built environment exposed to the square.

Line Patio

21/09/03 The whole estate is united under a single roof along one line. The building is shielded from the road by a mound covered with wild grass that gradually transforms into the roof.

Garden Patio

21/09/03. The name of the project speaks for itself: the main role in this house belongs to the garden — in fact, three gardens. 

Sun House

21/09/03. The main feature of the project is a narrow strip of glazing which provides a 360-degree exposure of the interior space to sun beams that penetrate into the house from different directions.


19/09/03. Hesed charity organization caters mainly for the elderly. That is why all the major premises are located on the ground floor. The inner courtyard is the communication core.

Anti Patio

21/09/03.  A new private house Anti Patio is completed on a challenging terrain in the centre of Kharkiv.


19/09/03. A new restaurant of Japanese cuisine on the crossing of two pedestrian flows. The loose border between the interior and the exterior was fully appreciated by the visitors.