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Double Patio

04/10/07. All functional premises in this house are organized around three “patios” – i.e. winter garden, two-level living-room, and light well.

Central department store to be renovated

12/10/07. After a heated debate in the city council, our proposal for the renovation of the Central Department Store was approved for further development.


04/10/07. One of our first proposals for the development of this suburban neighbourhood of Odessa.


04/10/07. A shopping arcade of the building creates the much needed pedestrian connection and continues the evolution of the quarter scale started in the late 19th century.

Water Melon

26/09/07. Breathing in and breathing out, the rind and the flesh – this is the key story of the cafe. The entrance (inhale) from the road continues with the opening (exhale) towards the exuberant green of the central park.


25/09/07. A new project I Kyiv combines office and housing functions in one building. Moreover, this hybridization effort involves a number of residential typologies: urban villas, townhouses, terraced houses, a quarter, and a tower.


21/09/07. A new shopping and office centre in Odessa has a sophisticated structure with inner courtyards that solve several tasks at a time.

Polskiy Spusk

21/09/07. The project establishes an important pedestrian connection between Odessa downtown and the central park, introducing new functions to the neighborhood.


19/09/07. Our competition proposal for a library in Stockholm is ready for submission.

High Hills

21/09/06. Green zones penetrate like fingers into the living quarters of the new low-rise housing estate in the vicinity of Kharkiv.

Zig Zag

09/10/06. Located on the lower terrace, the plot enjoys a spectacular panoramic view of Odessa bay.


10/02/07. “Patiology” – exhibition and conference devoted to the peculiarities of houses with patio the exhibition were held in January 2007 in various cities of Ukraine.

Snake Patio

09/10/06. The sophisticated layout of the house reacts to the spacious structure filled with natural elements.

Super Patio

04/10/06. The space of the patio, classical in its structure, is integrated via its tilted end into the space of the garden and the seascape.


25/09/05. The recently completed project ambitiously addresses the development of the coast of Odessa.

1/2 Patio

04/10/05 The U-shaped focuses on its relation to the garden. The terrace is the hub of the summer life of the house.

4 ha

21/09/05. The core of the housing estate is a combination of two 2 typologies: the towers and the perimeter-long block. A footbridge connects the new development to a forest.

Water Patio

08/10/04. The visible proximity of the sea is enhanced with the mirror of the swimming pool, which links together the ground floor and the terrace.