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Yermilov Centre

21/10/13. Our proposal for the entrance to Yermilov Centre – the first centre of modern art in Kharkiv. 

Collaboration with Luay Al-Saleh architects

17/10/13. Drozdov&Partners, in collaboration with Luay Al-Saleh architects have made a development proposal for a plot in Arabian Gulf street, Bneid Al Qar district.

Luzanovka 2

18/07/13. We are happy to present a new housing estate in Odessa. The design features a specific typology of housing blocks which is characteristic of this city. It represents an efective reaction to the southern climate with a clear articulation of public and private spaces.

Meadow House

12/07/13. We have successfully completed the project of Meadow House in Kyiv region.


21/12/12. Our new project encouraged us to develop new types of inner and outer spaces.

In the Shade of Pyramids

26/10/12. Our proposal for Daegu Gosan Public Library.

Roshen Park

02/10/12. The project envisages prospective transformation of manufacturing premises into a public place with retail facilities. To this end, we created a single structure made up by interpenetrating spaces and sub-spaces.


29/06/12. Designing Lifestyle. 27 June, Oleg Drozdov made a presentation at TEDxKharkovLive.


05/07/12. The building fits into the established urban texture like a puzzle piece. Having the same scale and material as the existing development, the new object modestly manifests itself, without being deprived of its own individuality.


29/05/12. “Circumstances” won the first prize for the Best curator’s project at Moscow Biennale of Architecture.

Ave Plaza

28/04/12. A new retail centre in the main street of Kharkiv has opened its doors to visitors.


28/04/12. A new project of contemporary art museum in Kyiv features the dialogue between past and present, art and industry.

Kharkov Tram Cut

20/02/12. Cutting through the city along the tram lines, one can see a different city – the one which can be only perceived by tram drivers. Our special thanks to Vanya, the tram driver and our camera operator.

Tatarka Hill

03/02/12. “House on Tatarka Hill” in progress.


18/01/12. The site of a new hotel is located on Lesi Ukrainki boulevard, characterized by two dominant scales: that of soviet nine-storeyed houses flanking the boulevard and that of newly-constructed thirty-three-storeyed office towers.


28/11/11. As the site lies in the immediate proximity to major tourist routes and to the system of mountain ski trails, it is quite attractive for developing tourism of a new quality here.

Four Dachas

25/11/11. The core of the composition is a module of a summer house which is characteristic of Jurmala’s urban landscape.

Cleveland Design Competition

09/09/11. We are happy to announce that the project designed by a group of trainees under the guidance of Drozdov&Partners was awarded 3d prize at 2011 Cleveland Design Competition: a new school vision.