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Kharkov Tram Cut

20/02/12. Cutting through the city along the tram lines, one can see a different city – the one which can be only perceived by tram drivers. Our special thanks to Vanya, the tram driver and our camera operator.

Tatarka Hill

03/02/12. “House on Tatarka Hill” in progress.


18/01/12. The site of a new hotel is located on Lesi Ukrainki boulevard, characterized by two dominant scales: that of soviet nine-storeyed houses flanking the boulevard and that of newly-constructed thirty-three-storeyed office towers.


28/11/11. As the site lies in the immediate proximity to major tourist routes and to the system of mountain ski trails, it is quite attractive for developing tourism of a new quality here.

Four Dachas

25/11/11. The core of the composition is a module of a summer house which is characteristic of Jurmala’s urban landscape.

Cleveland Design Competition

09/09/11. We are happy to announce that the project designed by a group of trainees under the guidance of Drozdov&Partners was awarded 3d prize at 2011 Cleveland Design Competition: a new school vision.


08/09/11. The building serves as an architectural “joint” that accentuates the intersection of two important thoroughfares. Due to its lapidated shape, the building becomes the focusing point of the vast open space.


03/08/11. A new typology of housing is featured in the newly-completed project.

Content of Emptiness

24/05/11. To this end we made use of the typology of “urban rooms” or “inner courtyards” to create a variety of miscellaneous, though interconnected spaces.


22/12/10. It is our first experience of a small-scale house, which was equally delightful and challenging.


14/12/10. The new pavilion gives a breath of life to the square, while leaving its surface free.


30/11/10. Our new experience of giving more privacy to a dense low-rise neighbourhood.

Clover Park

12/10/10. Another project which was “born” during the students’ internship in summer.


12/10/10. We are happy to showcase one of three students’ projects – Dvoropolis.

Water Patio

13/09/10. Ready to share our new photos of Water Patio house.

Baked by the heat

12/08/10. It is quite symbolic that the project was completed when it was boiling + 40ーC outside. After all, the building is fully adapted to this outrageous climate.


20/07/10. Another house has been completed, with courtyards befitting our central non-Mediterranean region.

Anti Patio

16/06/10. New photos of Anti Patio, made by Andrey Avdeenko give a fresh look at the house and prove the irresistible power of art.