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Karelian House

25/01/16. “Karelian house” is a new sucessful experience of supervising the project at a distance.

Wien museum neu

08/12/15. As the results of the competition have been announced recently, we can finally publish our proposal for the extension of Vienna Museum.


07/11/15. The ”Ark” project is finally at sea, with its happy owners on board.

The first tree

08/10/15. The first tree is planted in the courtyard of the house “Baked by the heat”.


06/10/15. The plot is located on the bank of the Volga river. The peculiar feature of the place is the necessity to protect it from spring floods.

Jam Factory

22/09/15. The project of transforming a former Jam Factory into a modern cultural cluster (Lviv, Ukraine).

Club School

26/05/15. Our proposal for the new school in Chyne.


23/02/15. Our proposal for the Bamiyan Cultural Centre design competition.

1th prize at Daegu International Architecture Competition

30/09/14. We are happy to announce that the project designed by Drozdov&Partners was awarded 1th prize at 2014 Daegu International Architecture Competition (Dalseong Citizen’s Gymnasium)


29/09/14. Formed by the soviet urban planning, Saltovka is now enriched by a new typology of affordable housing.

Four Houses

15/08/14. Our new project “four houses” suggests the transformation of rural/ urban environment into a more urban one.

City Villas

25/03/14. Another typological premiere – “City Villas” project – is a compromise between maximum number of functions and minimum size of the plot.

Urban Valley

18/03/14. Our new project Urban Valley celebrates quality lifestyle in natural surrounding in the very centre of megalopolis.

Open for the East

27/01/14. Our new chinese publications.

City Hotel

16/01/14. New lease on life for an old place – project of restoration and expansion of a hotel in Bogdana Khmelnitskogo str.

Lotus Tower

09/12/13. In collaboration with Luay Al-Saleh architects, a proposal for a new apartmentl complex ‘Lotus Tower’ has been developed for Mahaboula district in Kuwait.


05/11/13. The first duplex in our experience came as a result of voluntary cooperation of two families for the construction of the house.


30/10/13. Drozdov&Partners have completed master plan for a new affordable housing estate in Odessa.