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International exhibition of contemporary housing

20/11/17. While we are working here in Kharkiv, an exhibition is about to open in Nis (Serbia), where our Baked by the Heat project is one of the participants.

Dental clinic

08/11/17. A new dental clinic with a training centre seamlessly enters the educational cluster which is emerging in this area.


20/10/17. Kharkiv Literary Museum has long become an important place on the cultural map of the city. Having understood their mission and available infrastructure, the museum team have come up with a new vision of their further development, and we, on our part, helped to interpret their ambitions with the language of architecture.

Teatr na Podoli

12/10/17. Teatr na Podoli is off on its independent journey.

New catalogue

17/07/17. Our newly-released catalogue marks another half a decade of our active work.

Our 20th anniversary

06/07/17. The exhibition for our twentieth anniversary.


13/07/17. Labyrinth came as an integral part of the exhibition marking our twentieth anniversary. We want to believe that this fleeting experiment triggered profound “architectural” experience.


05/05/17. Our new project “815” is a small family house in Kharkiv. With the plot and the house itself being rather modestly sized, it was quite an achievement to provide the would-be dwellers with a variety of living scenarios.

Equestrian Club

01/03/17. Here comes a project which is not only about people. A new equestrian club is going to appear soon in a picturesque place on the northern outskirts of Kharkiv.


21/02/17. A new fitness-club in Dynamoskaya street in Kharkiv fits within the sports complex established in soviet times, coming as a third missing element between the gym and “Pioner” swimming pool.


02/02/17. Shell project is a small family summer cottage on the coast of odessa bay that reflects on the issues of privacy of living areas with maximum possible exposure to the sea and the sun.

Landscape features of the House with a Peristyle

25/11/16. The landscape features of the House with a Peristyle have fully revealed themselves this autumn. The landscape is based on two opposite tendencies: emphasizing the natural surroundings and introducing utterly man-made agricultural elements.


24/11/16. City villa in Baden (Austria) slips into the local “manor-type” environment and offers a variety of “living forms” to its inhabitants.

Casa Serena

02/11/16. Is our new project on the rocky coastline not far from Alicante (Spain).


31/08/16. The former recreation centre “Gold Coast”, built on Fedotov tongue of land in 1960, has been welcoming the Biruchiy contemporary art project for more than ten years already. Despite active development of the territory in recent years, the signs of the artists’ presence here are strongly intertwined with the environment.

Cafe tres

17/05/16. A new urban café in Montreux (Switzerland) was created as a place where celebration and everyday life go hand in hand. The café fits into the life of local community and becomes a new meeting place.

House with a Peristyle

20/04/16. House with a Peristyle is one of the most hard-won projects in our experience, which took us several years to complete. In the course of changing circumstances the image of the house underwent changes as well. Finally the house is realized and we can tell you about it.

El Templo de Verano

20/04/16. The sea horizon and the challenging landscape with a variety of Mediterranean vegetation can become a difficult test for any architect.