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24/11/16. City villa in Baden (Austria) slips into the local “manor-type” environment and offers a variety of “living forms” to its inhabitants.

Casa Serena

02/11/16. Is our new project on the rocky coastline not far from Alicante (Spain).


31/08/16. The former recreation centre “Gold Coast”, built on Fedotov tongue of land in 1960, has been welcoming the Biruchiy contemporary art project for more than ten years already. Despite active development of the territory in recent years, the signs of the artists’ presence here are strongly intertwined with the environment.

Cafe tres

17/05/16. A new urban café in Montreux (Switzerland) was created as a place where celebration and everyday life go hand in hand. The café fits into the life of local community and becomes a new meeting place.

House with a Peristyle

20/04/16. House with a Peristyle is one of the most hard-won projects in our experience, which took us several years to complete. In the course of changing circumstances the image of the house underwent changes as well. Finally the house is realized and we can tell you about it.

El Templo de Verano

20/04/16. The sea horizon and the challenging landscape with a variety of Mediterranean vegetation can become a difficult test for any architect.

Karelian House

25/01/16. “Karelian house” is a new sucessful experience of supervising the project at a distance.

Wien museum neu

08/12/15. As the results of the competition have been announced recently, we can finally publish our proposal for the extension of Vienna Museum.


07/11/15. The ”Ark” project is finally at sea, with its happy owners on board.

The first tree

08/10/15. The first tree is planted in the courtyard of the house “Baked by the heat”.


06/10/15. The plot is located on the bank of the Volga river. The peculiar feature of the place is the necessity to protect it from spring floods.

Jam Factory

22/09/15. The project of transforming a former Jam Factory into a modern cultural cluster (Lviv, Ukraine).

Club School

26/05/15. Our proposal for the new school in Chyne.


23/02/15. Our proposal for the Bamiyan Cultural Centre design competition.

1th prize at Daegu International Architecture Competition

30/09/14. We are happy to announce that the project designed by Drozdov&Partners was awarded 1th prize at 2014 Daegu International Architecture Competition (Dalseong Citizen’s Gymnasium)


29/09/14. Formed by the soviet urban planning, Saltovka is now enriched by a new typology of affordable housing.

Four Houses

15/08/14. Our new project “four houses” suggests the transformation of rural/ urban environment into a more urban one.

City Villas

25/03/14. Another typological premiere – “City Villas” project – is a compromise between maximum number of functions and minimum size of the plot.