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College in Sion
place:Sion, Switzerland
square:21 000 m2
status:competition project (2019)
team:Oleh Drozdov, Andrii Golovchenko, Oleksandra Kryvtsova, Ievhen Nevmyvaka, Vitaliy Pravyk, Dmytro Shmatenko, Tymofii Ulanchenko
collaborators: CRAFT & CONCEPT, my iHome / Andre Pontes, Ines Ferreira

Before starting design work, we thoroughly analyzed the current pedestrian traffic and potential connections that are likely to encourage the development of the canal to the west of the plot. This allowed us to find the most appropriate location for the school.


To preserve the scale, all of the school premises are distributed across four levels. The central axis connects the entrance, the main atrium, and the gym. The skylight faces the north and invites soft daylight into the school passages.



The gym with individual entrance has transparent walls that bring daylight into the passages, and triplex safety glass ensures noise insulation. On the ground floor there are administrative offices and spaces available for rent. Classrooms are located on the other three levels along the perimeter of the building.



The eastern and western facades are made of prefabricated elements. The U-shape allows classrooms to have access to balconies and protects them from aggressive direct sunlight. The spacing of vertical facade elements of the western facade follows this principle too, as they protect classrooms from direct sunlight in the afternoon. The same approach is used in the northern facade as well.





The main entrance is articulated with the help of wooden elements – columns and benches that actively used by the school students.



In the western part of the plot there is a space for recreation. Sports grounds are located in the north, and the area researved for future territorial development extends south of them.


ground floor plan
1. classrooms
2. canteen
3. sports hall
4. assembly hall
5. media library
6. administrative premises
first floor plan
1. classrooms
2. sports hall
3. room sports hall
4. assembly hall
second floor plan
section 1-1


section 2-2