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Architect of the Year

15/11/18. Last Wednesday, the EDIDA Ukraine Prize award ceremony was held in Kyiv where Oleg Drozdov was bestowed with the title “Architect of the Year”.

Creative Ukraine

12/11/18. Oleg Drozdov took part in the panel discussion “Modern urban culture. Baukultur” which was held within the framework of the international forum Creative Ukraine in Kyiv.

EU Mies Award 2019

06/11/18. Dear friends, we have great news for you. Our Teatr na Podoli project has been nominated for EU Mies Award 2019.

“It is extremely important to consider it as a comprehensive ecosystem”

31/10/18. In his interview for NewsRoom website, Oleg Drozdov speaks in detail about our Green Corridor project – in particular about how this project should be implemented, what can be attractive about it for investors, and why it’s so important to attract the attention of local citizens.

Minsk Avenue House

26/10/18. The house is going to be a home for five people. Considering this fact, we decided to use a very simple layout plan as we arbitrarily divided the volume into smaller “houses” for the parents and the children on the either side of the shared space in between.

Polish-Ukrainian forum on revitalization

24/10/18. Hanna Vovchenko, one of the architecs on our team, had a chance to take part in the first Polish-Ukrainian forum on revitalization that was held in Slovyansk at the end of the last week. Here are some photos from the event.


16/10/18. The intersection of Myronosytska and Maykovskogo streets in Kharkiv. A new high-rise building has appeared here recently. It reminded us of our own project which we made six years ago and which could set a completely different agenda for this place.


24/09/18. An exquisite Parisian suburb on the bank of the river Seine is the place for our new project with a very delicate task, which is to transform a family chateau dating back to the late XVIII century into a modern spa-hotel while preserving its original details to the maximum.


19/09/18. Designed by our bureau, Aloft hotel in Kiev is finally ready to welcome guests.

Start of the year

11/09/18. Kharkiv School of Architecture has embarked on its very first academic year of 2018/19.

Yaroslava Mudroho

29/08/18. Located in one of the major streets of Kharkiv, the building responds to a number of circumstances: the street scale, its structure, and tecnitics, together with the hospitality sector which is on the rise in the neighbourhood.

Dental clinic

13/08/18. The building used to be a shabby legacy of the Soviet times. Today it’s a dental clinic with a training centre. Together with Andrey Avdeenko Photographer we’ve made a photoshoot of our new built project.


23/07/18. The project of a new housing estate in Odesa is our interpretation of Le Corbusier’s Cité Radieuse. It’s a dialogue between the neighbourhoods of old city, towers, and a continuous megastructure, which introduces high density and diversity of interconnected spaces, each having its own functional peculiarities.


16/07/18. Petra Sagaydachnogo street in Kyiv is going to become a traffic-free zone in the near future, which calls for a totally different nature of interaction between the public space and the adjacent buildings.

“This is the project that deserves the Prime Award”

13/07/18. In the interview given to the ukrainian magazine “House & Interior”, the members of the jury of the Ukrainian Urban Awards explained why Teatr na Podoli was awarded the first prize.

Green corridor

09/07/18. Our proposal for the renovation of the riverfront in Kharkiv, which involves several aspects: embankments and parks, retrofitting the former industrial estates, improvement of the existing bridges.

Equestrian Club in progress

25/06/18. The construction of a new equestrian club that we designed is moving ahead. Kharkiv, Ukraine.

Office Pioner

18/06/18. The plot where the office building and the fitness club are situated lies at the intersection of two different grids of urban texture. The new inteventions respond to both patterns.