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Anti Patio

21/09/03.  A new private house Anti Patio is completed on a challenging terrain in the centre of Kharkiv.


19/09/03. A new restaurant of Japanese cuisine on the crossing of two pedestrian flows. The loose border between the interior and the exterior was fully appreciated by the visitors.


04/10/02. The main idea of this Uzbek cuisine restaurant was to create a “museum pavilion” on top of an archaeological landscape.


21/09/02. A new family house is built in Kharkiv.


21/09/02. A new restaurant of Asian cuisine in Kyiv.

Opening House of Restaurants

19/09/02. House of Restaurants is a constellation of miscellaneous cafes under one roof located on a busy crossing in the city downtown.


21/09/01. A new boutique with our design in Kharkiv.


04/10/01. Another boutique in Kharkiv downtown with our design.