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Face 2 Face

15/07/19. For our 20-year practice, we often turned to product design as an integral part of our author’s interiors. But for the first time we approached the subject, going beyond one project and thinking about a more universal use of the prototype: in large editions and for completely different occasions. 

College in Sion

11/06/19. Our proposal for the new school in Switzerland.


17/05/19. A former confectionary with a century-old history in Kharkiv is a promising plot which is about to transform into a space for a variety of activities.

Equestrian Club

28/03/19. The project which is not only about people. A new equestrian club is opened in a picturesque place on the northern outskirts of Kharkiv.

Map of projects

05/02/19. Any plans for the weekend? How about taking a tour of the public buildings designed and built by Drozdov&Partners? To help you better explore them, we’ve designed a special map with all the details.

Business for Smart Cities

28/01/19. Oleg Drozdov is going to be a speaker at the congress “Business for Smart Cities” which is going to take place in Kyiv on January 30. “New Economy – New Lifestyle” is the title of his presentation.

Architecture of the Future

10/01/19. In October the last year Oleg Drozdov is going to give a public talk at the largest architectural conference in Eastern Europe – ‘Architecture of the Future’. The topic of the report is “Ruralism vs Urbanism: new forms of accommodation” dealing with the “struggle” of the opposites and taking two of our projects – Pensacola Cityblock & Provençal Ruralism – as examples. Here are full video version of the presentation.

“Horses for courses”

25/12/18. Although the equestrian club in the suburbs of Kharkiv is still under construction, its main characters are already here.

Pensacola Cityblock

24/12/18. We’ve obtained building permit for Pensacola Cityblock! Our very first American project in the “City of Five Flags” is coming to life!

EEA Awards 2018

30/11/18. Here comes some more great news from Drozdov&Partners! We’ve carried off as many as two prizes at the ЕЕ Real Estate Project Awards. Our office won Architect Of The Year award, and Aloft hotel was chosen to be the best Hotel project of the year.


28/11/18. Shell project is a small family summer cottage on the coast of Odessa bay that reflects on the issues of privacy of living areas with maximum possible exposure to the sea and the sun.

Chaplinskyy Vlog

25/11/18. Yulian Chaplinskyy, the Chief Architect of Lviv, has recently visited our office. Here is a link to the Youtube-channel Chaplinskyy Vlog with the full video of this event. Watch Oleg Drozdov doing a complete tour of the office and talking about our built projects and Kharkiv School of Architecture.

Architect of the Year

15/11/18. Last Wednesday, the EDIDA Ukraine Prize award ceremony was held in Kyiv where Oleg Drozdov was bestowed with the title “Architect of the Year”.

Creative Ukraine

12/11/18. Oleg Drozdov took part in the panel discussion “Modern urban culture. Baukultur” which was held within the framework of the international forum Creative Ukraine in Kyiv.

EU Mies Award 2019

06/11/18. Dear friends, we have great news for you. Our Teatr na Podoli project has been nominated for EU Mies Award 2019.

“It is extremely important to consider it as a comprehensive ecosystem”

31/10/18. In his interview for NewsRoom website, Oleg Drozdov speaks in detail about our Green Corridor project – in particular about how this project should be implemented, what can be attractive about it for investors, and why it’s so important to attract the attention of local citizens.

Minsk Avenue House

26/10/18. The house is going to be a home for five people. Considering this fact, we decided to use a very simple layout plan as we arbitrarily divided the volume into smaller “houses” for the parents and the children on the either side of the shared space in between.